Saturday, 22 March 2014

A New Perspective: Drones and Aerial Photography

A revolution in photography has taken place over the last few years, but not many people are aware of it.

Drones and Aerial Photography

The ability for cameramen to send their photography equipment up into the skies using drones has opened up a new world of possibilities.

Perspectives and angles that were only previously available from expensive helicopters or aeroplanes are now waiting for anyone with a camera-enabled drone to explore. 

In addition to the obvious cost savings, the flexibility of personal drones allows the operator to fly much closer to an object than a helicopter ever could. And the relatively small size of personal drones also gives them the ability to film in spaces that have never been flown into before. Good examples of these are caves and canyons.

Aerial Cinematography in Action

While aerial photography is predominantly used to capture still shots, aerial cinematography uses drones to film moving footage that is often stunning and dramatic.

The video below is a dynamic illustration of the power of drones and aerial cinematography.

As well as being very effective in the fields of conservation, tourism and real estate, camera-enabled drones have also started to be used for sports events filming. A recent example of this is the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, which made very effective use of drones to film the competitive action. Unrivalled TV coverage was produced that has set the benchmark for future sports events.

Getting Started With Aerial Photography

If you are interested in learning the basics of aerial photography using a drone, then you will definitely enjoy the below introductory video by award-winning cinematographer Brent Foster. His instructive demonstration uses a DJI Phantom equipped with a GoPro camera.

The Future is Now 

What a short time ago would have seemed like technology from a science fiction movie, is now readily available to even the smallest of budgets. Drones and aerial photography are the perfect match. Expect to see this winning combination continuing to transform our film, photography and video industries.

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