Monday, 16 June 2014

How #Hashtags Can Help Your Posts Trend

Hashtags are a great way to allow your tweets and posts to reach a wider audience.

For example, if you were tweeting about a new gadget, it would make sense to include the hashtags: #Gadget and #Tech. This would ensure that anyone searching those words around the time of your posting would have a good chance of seeing your tweet.

Although hashtags are not miracle workers - they can definitely help spread your message.

If like us, you are tweeting about friendly drones and their positive applications, then we recommend using some of the popular hashtags below:


We have used capitalised versions, but depending on your preference you may wish to use all lowercase. For example: #friendlydrones. This does not impact the hashtag.

We have also included some popular personal drone and camera manufacturers. There are of course many more. Our list is not intended to be exhaustive.

It is best to match your hashtag closely to the content you are posting about.

It can also help to vary which hashtags you use. If all your tweets are about personal drones, instead of always using #Drones why not try #Quadcopters or #Tech? This can put your content into the hands of many more readers.

Try it and see.

We personally love being part of the #DronesForGood community. Hopefully see you there!

For detailed information on how to use hashtags please visit: - for the latest news and opinions on Friendly Drones

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The World's First Book on Friendly Drones

We are excited to announce the global release of our new eBook:

We believe that we have produced the first accessible and concise eBook covering the development of Friendly Drones and the myriad of services they now offer for industry, personal and environmental functions.
In this insightful and compelling introductory guide we uncover:
  • How Friendly Drones are helping to support environmental efforts
  • How they are revolutionising the way we use film and photography
  • How they have already been implemented in humanitarian relief projects
  • How they can even save lives

We also define how Friendly Drones are constructed, how they fly, how they operate. There is also helpful advice as to which personal drones are available for you to buy today.
Written by the founders of leading Friendly Drones website:, this engaging and informative eBook is designed to give an invaluable and 'ahead of the game' insight into the world of Friendly Drones.
The Amazing Potential of Friendly Drones is available worldwide through Amazon.
For more information and to purchase please visit: